Hailing from around the world, our teachers are actively competing, award-winning professionals and gifted educators. Many of our teachers have degrees in the fine arts. Click here to find out more about our instructors


Our customized wedding dance program gives you the confidence and skill to perform a variety of dances. When that magical moment arrives, your friends and family will be amazed by your elegance, style, and grace. Read more…


At our Aventura Dance Studio we have classes for all ages and abilities from beginner through advanced levels. We offer both private and group lessons in Ballroom, Latin, Social Dances and Wedding Dance. Learn more …


At the Fred Astaire Dance Studio Aventura we have a common goal. We want all of our students to have fun every time they come in, and at the same time learn and develop the confidence to be able to dance with any partner, on any dance floor, to any music. Through the combination of private lessons, group lessons, and practice parties we can help you meet your goals. We don't just want to teach you steps, we want you to become a dancer. From beginner to advanced, our customized programs set the standard in dance instruction. The Fred Astaire Franchise began in 1947 when the legendary dancer himself, Fred Astaire, co- founded the company. Whether you would like to be a great social dancer, or become a competitor, this is a great place to learn dances from traditional ballroom to nightclub dancing. We offer lessons in all areas, including waltz, fox-trot, tango, swing, cha-cha, rumba, salsa, merengue and others. The Fred Astaire syllabus is based on a Trophy System and develops you to the dancer you would like to be.

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